Six weeks nuclear training for twenty Vietnamese experts (which organized by CETEMCOM) ended successfully with a closing ceremony, where the experts could receive their deserved certifications. On the 30th of October ended the training. On this day for closing the training each of the experts made a presentation individually about their 6 weeks in Hungary (4 weeks training at the Institute of Nuclear Techniques (of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics), and 2 weeks course at the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant).

After the successful presentations the experts received their certifications from Szabolcs Czifrus, the Director of the Institute of Nuclear Technology at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Nguyen Thanh Tuan, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, László Thuróczy, the Managing Director of CETEMCOM Ltd. and Phan Bich Thien, the Member of Vietnamese National Committee of Vietnamese Fatherland Front, Chairwoman of Foundation for Hungarian-Vietnamese Relations took part on the closing ceremony too.

Szabolcs Czifrus brought into prominence, that he hope during this training in Hungary the experts acquired the knowledge of the successful and safe construction and operation of the nuclear power plant in Vietnam. After the speech of Nguyen Thanh Tuan the delegates of Vietnamese Ministries received their certifications, and after the group photo they closed the training with a reception.

Closing ceremony of nuclear training - 2015



Nuclear training of twenty Vietnamese experts (which organized by CETEMCOM) began this autumn, which is from 21th of September to 30th of October.


The attendants of the training are the delegates of Vietnamese Ministries, which are concerned in the construction of the Vietnamese nuclear power plant (research and development, investment and infrastructure, national defence, and the area of industry and trade for example).


During the course the experts take part on a 4 weeks training at the Institute of Nuclear Techniques (of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics). The attendants can expand their knowledge on a 2 weeks course at the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant. In addition the experts visit the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – Centre for Energy Research, and at Bátaapáti the National Radioactive Waste Repository.


On the 21th of September the experts were welcome on an opening ceremony.

 gs ts czifrus szabolcs pht biu ti l khai ging

2 workshops - organized by CETEMCOM Ltd. - were held in Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) on 12th and 15th of May 2015 where the most renowned Hungarian device manufacturer, Gamma Technical Co. presented their TVS-3 series Environtmental Monitoring Stations.

The main content of the workshop included the following issues:

  1. Introduction of the air and water environment automatic monitoring systems according to European standards in Hungary
  2. Exchange, sharing experience in the process of construction, installation and operation of the air and water environment continuous automatic monitoring systems in Hungary
  3. Introduction of the equipment's environmental automatic monitoring system, analysis of advantage of the air and water automatic measuring stations produced by the Group GAMMA in the construction and operation with conditions of Vietnam


After the successful HUVINETT program in the past few years, the Hungarian-Vietnamese educational cooperation continues in 2015. The 12-member group that has recently arrived to Hungary consists of researchers and specialists, who will spend about 3 months in the European country participating in theoretical and practical trainings. As the nuclear power industry have numerous branches, these trainings take place in smaller groups making it possible to study the certain areas of nuclear technology in details. The cooperation between the two countries has expanded since the last program, from now on, in addition to the Institute of Nuclear Techniques of BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)  and the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant, the group will have trainings at the Institute of Radiochemistry and Radioechology of the University of Pannonia as well.


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In November 2014 a Hungarian delegation visited Vietnam in order to strenghten the cooperation between the two countries in nuclear field. During the visit the delegation of the renowned Hungarian firm, the Gamma Technical Co. donated a Beta-Gamma integral spectroscopy system to the Hanoi University of Science and Technology for educational purposes. Vietnam has recently decided about establishing a nuclear power plant in the territory of the country, therefore receiving this system is a significant help for the University with the training of future professionals.