In the morning of January 09, 2012, in Hanoi Deputy Minister of Science and Technology KH&CN Le Dinh Tien had a meeting and worked with the delegates of the Hungarian Government led by the Hungarian Secretary of State for Ministry of Development,  Kovács Pál, who is in charge of energy and environment,.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tien has presented the implementation status of the nuclear power plant in Vietnam. Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tien affirmed that the decision on developing nuclear power in Vietnam has been very important to ensure energy security for the country. During the development and use of atomic energy for peaceful purpose, Vietnam has showed to be a responsible nation. Especially, after the incident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, Vietnam is considering the security, safety and efficiency of nuclear power at the highest level.




Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tien said that Vietnam has been a country which newly starts its nuclear power program so it has paid special attention and highly appreciated cooperation with nations which have developed nuclear power, with international atomic energy organizations and agencies to ensure the secure and safe nuclear development. Currently Vietnam has paid proper attention to building the infrastructure, system of agreement documents as well as legal and regulatory documents for the nuclear power development, especially human resource training to ensure the effective development of nuclear power.


In the working session, Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tien expressed his hope to know Hungary’s experience in atomic energy field. Regarding cooperation aspect, Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tien hoped to have bilateral cooperation between Vietnam’s regulatory agency (Vietnam’s Department of Radiation and Nuclear Safety) with Hungary’s agency for nuclear security, safety as well as inspection. Cooperation is not only on coordination in training activities but also on many activities relating to regulation. For the coming time, the two agencies would exchange and discuss the detailed cooperation plan.


The Hungarian side would have specific partner to cooperate with the Atomic Energy Commission, together with expanding cooperation on human resource training and research on some fields. For example, cooperation on research relating to reactor piles, accelerators, cooperation in fields of non-destroyable inspection, nuclear waste treatment, nuclear use in environment fields and other fields. The two parties would develop the detailed master plant.


Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tien sent his thanks to Hungary’s Government, organizations and agencies which have helped Vietnam with the development and use of atomic energy over the past time and hoped to continue receiving effective cooperation support for the coming time.

The Secretary of State for Ministry of Development, Mr. Kovács Pál said that in 2011 Hungary developed the Strategy for Energy Development by 2030 and towards 2050. This Strategy has been approved by the Government and Parliament. Hungary has considered that atomic energy can be a long-term field for development in addition to recycled energy. The mission’s visit to Vietnam was to exchange experience in advocacy with the public on building atomic power plants. For the coming time, Hungary would soon promote necessary steps, be willing to support and share experience in atomic energy field and build long-term cooperative relations with Vietnam.



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